Solar Farm Financing

Solar Farm Financing is a unique opportunity for all parties, and that is why we specialize in Green Energy Financing with typical deal size from $50M to $250M but are willing to look at all opportunities as NOW IS THE TIME!

Commercial Solar Financing Companies demand has spiked!

Institutional lenders are getting on the GREEN bandwagon, even if it is not their core business as it is a profitable long term play for their portfolio. It is projected that GREEN ENERGY will be over 50% of the positions help in these accounts, as it has the longest tail and quickest ROI

Solar Energy Groups

Solar Energy Groups are forming to leverage combined cash and assets to create more profitable alliances allowing larger M&A deals to transact, exciting some of the bigger Private Equity Firms and even Hedge Funds across the country.

Solar Farm Financing & Business Loans

Solar Farm Loans

Here are the top players in the space we could validate that are specializing or hold a large appetite for Solar Farm Financing.

  • Open Energy
  • Solar Energy Group
  • SCF
  • Live Oak
  • Sun Power
  • Google
  • Mount Signal
  • AGA
  • AGL
  • VEDA and more call for the complete list 972-800-6670

Solar Grants & Hybrid Deals

As the race to deploy dollars into green energy accelerates there are many interesting Hybrid deals coming together, where Private Equity, Hedge Funds and/or Insuutions are deploying dollars against federal and state leverage opportunities and combining existing farms or co-ops and landowners to create the huge MEGA HYBRID deals that most dealmakers believe will be the future or energy financing in the POST CORONA VIRUS – COVID19 era.

“It’s like we can smell the storm. It has not coalesced yet but Hybrid Projects are the future of green energy!

Jeff Cline – The Green Hybrid Energy Project

Green Hybrid Project

If you are a landowner or an energy farm looking for business loans please call the Green Hybrid Project and we will be happy to find the right options to meet your needs. You can reach us at 972-800-6670

Solar Farm Loans